Tutorial 3 - Conditional Tasks

This tutorial is an advanced tutorial that will teach you how to build tasks that are only performed under certain conditions that might vary during a simulation model run. You'll create a model in which an operator transports multiple flow items to three possible destinations. The destination that will receive the flow items will depend on whether those destinations have reached their maximum capacity or not. You'll learn a little bit about sub flows and get introduced to some more advanced FlexScript expressions.

When you're finished, your simulation model will operate similar to the following image:

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 3.1

Use Sub Flows and Arrays

In this task, you'll design a system in which an operator transports several flow items at a time. In order to create this logic, you'll learn how to use sub flows in the Process Flow tool and you'll learn about labels that contain a special type of data called arrays.

Task 3.2

Add Conditional Tasks

In this task, you'll add some additional destination queues and set some constraints on those destinations by restricting how many flow items they can hold at a time. These constraints will create the changing conditions that your model logic will need to respond to dynamically when the model runs. You'll learn how to create nested sub flows and custom user commands that will create this model logic.

For More Information

For more in-depth explanations of the concepts covered in these tutorials see: