Entry Transfers

Overview and Key Concepts

Entry transfers are Connections from a non-conveyor object (such as a Source or other Fixed Resource) to a conveyor object. They can affect how an item is transferred to a conveyor. They are represented by a white box on a conveyor in the simulation model. Be aware that entry transfers are different from transfers, (which connect conveyors to other conveyors) and exit transfers (which are connections from a conveyor object to a non-conveyor object).

Entry transfers are not available in the FlexSim Library. Rather, they are created whenever a conveyor is connected to another object.

Properties Panels

The Entry Transfer uses the following properties panels:


The Entry Transfer object shares several properties with all fixed resources:

Additionally, the Entry Transfer object uses the following properties:

EntryOrientation Number
HoldTransports Boolean
ItemInsertionMode Options
MaxTransportsIn Number