Welcome to FlexSim Healthcare

Introduction to FlexSim Healthcare

FlexSim Healthcare is the most robust, comprehensive, and easy-to-use simulation software designed to solve the unique problems faced by today's healthcare facilities. FlexSim Healthcare allows you to analyze all of the components of your healthcare facility and evaluate the impact they have on patient outcomes. It will help you make your healthcare system run as efficiently as possible without the costly risk of trial and error. Ultimately, FlexSim Healthcare will help practitioners do what they do best: help patients get better.

Make Better Decisions with Real Data

FlexSim Healthcare can help you track and display a wide variety of statistics and data that can help you make well-informed decisions for your healthcare facility. You can also run many different types of experiments to see what would happen if you changed some element of your medical facility or process. This valuable data can help you solve many different kinds of problems, such as:

  • Ensuring human resources are not over- or under-utilized
  • Estimating the cost of proposed changes
  • Reducing patient waiting times by identifying possible bottlenecks
  • Cutting costs from inefficient use of resources
  • Identifying the best strategy for handling variations in patient volumes

All of this data can be displayed in any format you would like, such as charts, graphs, etc. Any data you create in FlexSim Healthcare can easily be exported to spreadsheet programs such as Excel. Data can also be easily imported into your simulation model from many different spreadsheet formats.

Analyze in Real Time with 3D Visuals

Simulation should be just as capable of being visually compelling as it is analytically compelling. FlexSim Healthcare's fully 3D visuals allow you to see exactly what's going on in the model as it is running. It's much easier to compare results when you can visualize what's happening to your simulated healthcare system.

The 3D visuals also create opportunities for communication and teamwork among all the stakeholders in patients' outcomes. A simulation with accurate 3D models of the personnel, equipment, and furniture found in your actual healthcare facility is far more compelling than a simple chart.

Easily Model Your Process with Patient Flows

You can use the patient flow features in the Process Flow tool to create plans for patients to follow based on the patient's acuity, diagnosis, or any other criteria you determine. These plans can include different activities or processes that should occur from the moment a patient arrives to the time they depart. These patient flows can also pull the necessary human resources to provide patient care and guide them to the appropriate next step in their treatment.