The Conveyor Panel

The Conveyor panel defines spatial properties of the conveyor.

The following properties are on the Straight Conveyor panel:


Defines the X, Y, and Z position of the start of the conveyor.


Defines the X, Y, and Z position of the end of the conveyor.

Reversing Direction

Press the Reverse Direction button to switch the start and end locations, reversing the conveyor's direction.


Defines the width of the conveyor.

Horizontal Length

Defines the total length of the conveyor. Changing this value will adjust the End property.

Virtual Length

A virtual length lets you specify a length to simulate, rather than using the conveyor's physical length. To use, check the box and enter a length.


Defines the conveyor's Visualization.

Roller Skew Angle

Defines which way the conveyor's rollers are offset from straight. If this value is positive, items will align to the left side of the conveyor. If it is negative, items will align to the right side of the conveyor.

Align To Side

This property is only visible for mass flow conveyors. It defines the side of the conveyor that mass flow units will be drawn on.