Inherits CouplingDataType

The FlexSimEvent class is provided so that modules can define their own kinds of events. Classes extending the FlexSimEvent class are capable of being correctly inserted into the FlexSim Event List. Once the event is in the list, the list takes ownership of the object, calling its execute method at the correct time, and removing it from memory when it is no longer needed.


Virtual Methods

void bind()Inherited from SimpleDataType.
void execute()Called when the simulation reaches the event time.

The execute() Method

The execute() method normally uses FlexSim's standard event handling logic (see FlexsimObject) as found in the engine. If a class extending the FlexSimEvent class defines this method, the engine event logic will not be executed and the user logic will. This happens when the simulation time reaches the event time.

createevent(FlexSimEvent *)

The createevent function has been overloaded to accept event objects.