Finish Kinematics

Overview and Key Concepts

The Finish Kinematics activity is used to remove object's from kinematics and deactivates kinematics nodes from being updated.

A kinematics data node can reference multiple 3D objects in order to update their location and rotation. You can remove one or all of the 3D objects to stop their updates. If any 3D objects are still using the kinematics data node then the data node will remain active. When the model is reset all data nodes are deactivated.


The Finish Kinematics activity only allows one connector out. See Adding and Connecting Activities for more information.


The following image shows properties for the Finish Kinematics activity:

Each of these properties will be explained in the following sections.


Used to change the name of the activity. See Name for more information about this property.


The Font button opens a window to edit the activity's background color and font properties. See Font for more information about this property.


The Statistics button opens the activity's statistics window. See Statistics for more information about this property.

Data Node

The Data Node property needs to point to a node that has kinematics data on it. This data is created by a Create Kinematics activity.


The Object(s) property specifices which 3D object(s) will be doing the movement. Specify an array of objects to have multiple 3D objects can perform the same movement. activity.