FloWorks Licensing

About FloWorks

FloWorks is a 3rd party module developed and maintained by Talumis BV. It provides faster and more accurate modelling and calculation of fluid systems than the default FlexSim fluid library. It is especially useful within the oil, gas, and bulk industry both for production and supply chain optimization. To use this module without restrictions, a FloWorks license is required.

Obtaining and activating the license

The FloWorks license can be obtained and activated in the same way as your FlexSim license or any additional licenses. Please contact FlexSim support or your local distributor for more information on obtaining or activating a license.

As of FloWorks version 17.1.0, FloWorks licenses are versioned according to the same numbering scheme as FlexSim. For instance, if you want to run FloWorks on FlexSim 20.2, you will need license number ending in 20.2 or higher. As long as you have maintenance enabled on your license, it will be automatically upgraded together with all your other licenses as you install or upgrade FlexSim. If your maintenance has expired, your license will not automatically upgrade and you will only be able to install previous versions of FloWorks which are linked to previous versions of FlexSim. Note, however, that as long as you have a license for version 20.1, you will continue to receive bug fixes for 20.0 (LTS) and 20.1 versions - new features will only be added to later versions though.

License types

FloWorks runs in standard ('full') mode, when you have purchased and activated a license.

Otherwise, it runs in a restricted mode which puts limitations on the number of flow objects in any flow network and the number of flow recalculations. The FloWorks license is independent of your FlexSim license; it is entirely possible, for example, to run a full FlexSim license with an FloWorks Express version or even FlexSim Express with a full FloWorks license.

Note that only flow objects that are connected to a Flow Control count towards the limit for that flow control. For example, you can add 50 Flow Vessels to your model and still run the model with a restricted FloWorks license, as long as you make sure that at most 15 vessels are connected to the Flow Control at any time.

License mode FloWorks runs in this mode when... Object limit* Event limit**
Express ... you have not activated a license and are running FlexSim in Express or Enterprise mode. 15 objects 50 events
Educational ... you have not activated a license and are running FlexSim in Educational mode. 30 objects 500 events
Runtime ... you have purchased and activated a FloWorks runtime license. Unlimited*** Unlimited
Standard .. you have purchased and activated a full FloWorks license. Unlimited Unlimited

* Object limit is in number of connected flow objects per Flow Control (fluid network).

** Event limit is in number of fluid rate recalculations per Flow Control (fluid network). Recalculations happen, for example, when you open / close ports, tanks reach full / empty or maximum flow rates are changed.

*** There are no object or event limits when opening and running existing models, but you are not allowed to create new FloWorks objects from e.g. the object library in any (new or existing) model.

You can create multiple independent networks, each of which has a maximum number of connected objects and events.