Mass Flow Transfers

Overview and Key Concepts

A mass flow transfer is created when you make an 'A' connection between two Mass Flow Conveyors. By default, mass flow transfers will cause the conveyors to behave as-if they were snapped together directly. In other words, if you create a mass flow transfer between two conveyors, the upstream conveyor will perform its flow distribution algorithm as if the downstream conveyor were attached directly to its end.

You would use a mass flow transfer for the following reasons:

  • The layout of various objects in the model makes it difficult or burdensome to snap the conveyors together directly.
  • You want flow between the conveyors to convert from one unit to a different unit.

Properties Panels

The Mass Flow Transfer uses the following properties panels:


The Mass Flow Transfer object shares several properties with all fixed resources:

Additionally, downstream Mass Flow Transfer objects include the following properties:

ConvertToUnit Code
UnitsPerPackage Number