Visual Tool

Overview and Key Concepts

The Visual Tool class enables several visualization and model organization capabilities. While you won't see this class directly in the library, several of the objects in the library's Visual group are instances of this class, including the Text, Billboard, Plane,Slide, and Shape objects.

Visual tools have many uses. They can be 3D "props" in your model. They can be containers for other objects, or can display text information, etc. See Using Visual Objects and Using Containers as a Model Management Tool for more information on how you can use visual tools.


The visual tool does not implement any automatic state logic.


Below are the set of property names supported by visual tools.

BillboardMode Options
Divisions Number
InObjectsInternal Array of strings
Luminous Boolean
OutObjectsInternal Array of strings
PassInputsTo String
PassOutputsTo String
PolygonOffsetFactor Number
PolygonOffsetUnits Number
TextDisplay Code String
TextSize Unit
TextThickness Unit
Texture String
TextureXRepeat Number
TextureYRepeat Number
VisualDisplay Options