Welcome to FlexSim

FlexSim is 3D simulation software that models, simulates, predicts, and visualizes business systems in a variety of industries: manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, warehousing, mining, logistics, and more. It is both powerful and user-friendly.

Make Better Decisions

FlexSim can help your company make more informed decisions. You can use FlexSim to:

  • Visualize--risk free--the results of proposed changes to optimize the flow of products, staffing, resource utilization, floor plan design, and almost any other aspect of the system
  • Optimize your system before you implement changes in real life, saving your company time and money
  • Study alternative investment ideas and cost reduction plans

Reduce Costs

Many companies have used FlexSim successfully to:

  • Test methods for allocating resources more efficiently
  • Reduce waiting time and queue sizes
  • Minimize the negative effects of breakdowns
  • Establish optimum batch sizes and part sequencing
  • Study the effect of setup times and tool changeovers
  • Optimize prioritization and dispatching logic for goods and services

Improve Communication

FlexSim can become an effective communication tool when you need to:

  • Demonstrate new proposed business system changes to stakeholders
  • Train employees in overall system behavior and job-related performance