Introduction to Tutorials

About Tutorials

Tutorials can be useful for new users who want to start using FlexSim immediately and see what the software is capable of. The tutorials will give you hands-on experience with many of the software's features and the key tasks involved in the model building process.

The following are a few important concepts and tips for completing the tutorials.

Using a Trial Version of FlexSim

If you are using a trial version of FlexSim, the software will have some limited capabilities. Your simulation model will only allow up to 30 3D objects and 35 process flow objects at a time.

Know Your Learning Preferences

Some people prefer to learn new software by completing a tutorial to give them a basic feel for the software and then they experiment with the software on their own. Some people instead prefer to get a high-level overview of the key concepts involved in using the software and then complete a tutorial to get a hands-on example of how to apply those concepts.

These tutorials are designed with both learning preferences in mind. If you prefer to independently self-explore, use the tutorials as a jumping off point for your own experimentation. If you instead prefer to get an overview of the main concepts so that you can understand why you're doing what you're doing in the tutorials, consider reading the sections of the User Manual that cover the key concepts that tutorial is teaching before you complete the tutorial. The overview page for each tutorial has links to the sections of the User Manual that provide the key concepts related to the tutorial's tasks.

Save Regularly and in Phases

Consider saving your simulation model regularly while completing the tutorials. You might also find it useful to save your tutorial as a new file every time you start another tutorial task. Sometimes it helps to be able to go back to an earlier phase in a tutorial if you made a mistake or want to experiment with the tutorial at that earlier phase.