Customer Support

Sales and Services Questions

For sales questions, or for more information regarding services offered by FlexSim, including training and consulting, please contact your local FlexSim distributor.

Technical Questions

For technical support, please visit FlexSim's Answers Community.

Answers Community

FlexSim's support staff, developers, and worldwide partners, along with fellow community members, are on hand to help you with your simulation questions. As you search the community, you may find that your question has already been answered in a previous post.

Still not finding the answers you need? Log in to ask your own question. Please be sure to review the community's best practices before making your first post.

We prefer that most questions be posted publicly, so that answers can benefit FlexSim's worldwide community. Confidential information and model files can be shared by choosing to make your question Private. Private questions are only visible to FlexSim's US-based support staff. Please see the best practices for more information regarding public vs private questions, as well as other considerations when using the Answers community.

Direct Support

To speak directly with a FlexSim representative, or for email, phone, or web-based support, please contact your local FlexSim distributor. Active software maintenance is required for direct support. Contact your local FlexSim distributor for more information.