Inherits Dispatcher, which inherits FlexsimObject

The TaskExecuter class deals with receiving and dispatching task sequences. It defines how an object deals with offset from a path of travel.

Direct Child Classes

The list below is not a complete list of child classes of the TaskExecuter class. However, it does provide some idea for the kinds of classes that the TaskExecuter can be used to create.

  • Operator
  • Transporter
  • Elevator
  • Robot
  • Crane
  • ASRSVehicle
  • BasicTE

Virtual Methods

This table only shows the virtual methods specific to the TaskExecuter class. All other virtual methods are inherited from FlexsimObject.

double beginOffset(double endspeed, treenode item) Executed when a TaskExecuter begins an offset task, (see FlexSim users manual for more information on offset tasks). It should return the calculated offset time. If -1 is returned, it indicates that the offset time is unknown, at which point it is up to your TaskExecuter class to manage events involved with performing the offset, and when finished you should call onOffsetFinishNotify(), which will finish the offset task.
double updateOffset(void) Executed during the offset process, allowing the TaskExecuter to update its locations, etc.
double finishOffset(void) Executed as the TaskExecuter finishes the offset process.
void onBeginTask(treenode task) Executes at the beginning of a task.
void onEndTask(treenode task) Executes at the completion of a task.
double onResourceAvailable(int port) Executes when a resource becomes available.