GIS Navigator

Overview and Key Concepts

The GIS Navigator is used to calculate the geographic position of travelers as they travel along routes between points on maps. The GIS Navigator has settings that affect how map tiles are rendered and how routes are calculated.


The GIS Navigator has the following properties:

Tile Server URL

The URL for an OpenStreetMap tile server that is used to download raster map tiles.


Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors.

Tile Data Directory

Tile files are saved to this directory.

Delete existing files in this directory to download new versions of those files.

Tile File Prefix

Specify an optional prefix to be added to tile filenames when saved on the hard drive.

Use different prefixes to distinguish between tiles when using different tile styles from different tile servers.

Default Route Type

Define the default type for newly created routes.

Routing Server URL

Specify the URL for an OSRM server to download routing information.


Clear Routing Cache

Delete all cached routing server responses in the GIS Navigator.

Air Route Calculation Average Speed

When calculating straight rhumb line and flight paths, use this average speed to calculate the route duration.

Air Route Calculation Cost By

When calculating straight rhumb line and flight paths, use the calculated duration (Fastest Route) or distance (Shortest Route) for the route cost.