A* Divider (Preferred Path, Bridge, Mandatory Path)

Overview and Key Concepts

An A* divider is an object used to constrain travel on an A* grid. It is defined spatially as a set of connected lines. TaskExecuters are prevented from crossing these lines when traveling. See Working With A* Navigation for more information on how to use A* dividers.

Preferred Paths, Bridges, and Mandatory Paths

Preferred paths, bridges, and mandatory paths are subclasses of the divider. They share the commonality that they are all spatially defined as a set of connected lines, and can include a conditional rule, while each subclass defines its own behavior for how it affects TaskExecuter routing. See Working with A* Navigation for more information on adding these specific objects.


An A* divider does not implement any automatic state logic.


An A* divider uses the Divider/Path panel for defining its properties. Below are the set of property names supported by A* dividers.

ConditionalRule Options
TwoWay (all except Bridges) Boolean
PathPointsCustom 2-Dimensional Array
PathWeight (Preferred Paths only) Number
UseVirtualDistance (Bridges only) Boolean
VirtualDistance (Bridges only) Unit