Integration with Gis Map

Rail Signaling System

These tutorials will show you how to incorporate the Rail Signaling System to your rail tracks. The tutorials will simulate in a simplified way, all the tools that can be used with the signalized rails, such as: aspect types, max speed list, sight and safety distances and all the basics about creating a model with signal comunication.

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 4.1

Rail Signaling Basics

In this task you will be introduced to the Signal Settings GUI, where you can configure all the signals properties and modeling options. You will be shown how to build a model with Signalized Rails and how the trains behave with different signal aspects on track.

Task 4.2

Rail Signaling Advanced

In this task, the Signal Definitions GUI will be explored in depth, where the configuration of aspects will be made more complete, using safety distance and sighting concepts. It will show how to build a model with signalized rails, the configuration of the rails and how trains behave between signalized forks where speed control is required for greater safety.