Overview and Key Concepts

The Breathe activity will hold the token for a delay time of 0, which is similar to sending a delayed message in 0 time. Doing so will create an event in 0 time before releasing the token. Breathes can allow you to break up certain operations to ensure that things are happening in an appropriate order. This is like taking a breath before moving on. It may be difficult to know when this is needed, but if something in your model is not behaving properly, adding a breathe can potentially solve issues.


The Breathe activity only allows one connector out. See Adding and Connecting Activities for more information.


The following image shows properties for the Breathe activity:

Each of these properties will be explained in the following sections.


Used to change the name of the activity. See Name for more information about this property.


The Font button opens a window to edit the activity's background color and font properties. See Font for more information about this property.


The Statistics button opens the activity's statistics window. See Statistics for more information about this property.