Integration with Gis Map

GIS Portal - Integration with GIS Map

This tutorial will show you how to integrate GIS Map with the RailWorks module and make train trips over a real rail line using GIS Map settings. The tutorials will simulate in a simplified way the transport of materials using GISPortal and a simulation of a metro using the map.

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 1.1

Using GIS Portal on Trains

In this task you will be introduced to the GISPortal object and its Process Flow activity, simulating a trip through the GIS Map. You will be shown how to configure processflow for "OnSend".

Task 1.2

Passenger Transport

In this task the concepts of the use of the GISPortal will be reinforced with a larger rail network and passenger transport. This exercise is a different way of simulating subway lines, going through being able to pass through real lines.