Advanced Railworks Tutorial

Advanced Railworks Tutorial

Welcome to this comprehensive Railworks tutorial, designed to elevate your skills to an advanced level. By successfully accomplishing all the tasks outlined below, you'll be well-versed in modeling intricate Railworks structures and objects. These include the Rail Crane, locomotive fuel simulation, and a fully functional yard parking model. Furthermore, you'll gain insights into the vital concept of these products, Process Flow RailWorks modeling, along with the fundamental principles governing wagon organization and fuel management.

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 1.1

Rail Crane Using Fuel

In this task, you will learn about simulations considering fuel and Rail Crane activities for wagon handling. Key Concepts: Simulation techniques for fuel consumption, Rail Crane operations and their role in wagon handling.

Task 1.2

Yard Parking

In this task, you will explore Yard Parking using global and local locomotives, and classify wagons by type on three dedicated parking spaces. Key Concepts: Yard Parking strategies for efficient space utilization, role of global and local locomotives in shunting and organizing wagons, wagon pickup from list resources and classification based on types.