FloWorks Multi-Product Pipeline

In the first tutorial, you have learned about some of the basic FloWorks objects and options, such as the Preferred Flow and By Ratio flow rules. Although you can already model some systems just using these rules by connecting your objects in a smart way, you can get more fine-grained control over the behavior of your model by using trigger logic to redirect flows, open and close inputs and outputs and dynamically adjust maximum flow rates.

Tasks Covered

In this tutorial you will build a model for a typical model in the chemical industry: a multi-product pipeline. This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 2.1

Simple pipeline

You will start with a simple model with one sending and one receiving tank. You will learn how to open and close inputs and change product types.

Task 2.2

Creating a tank pool

You will expand this model to have multiple output tanks (or tank pools!) and using trigger logic to decide which of those tanks is suitable for a product, similar to a “select matching item types” option for discrete flow items.

Task 2.3

Tank certification

FloWorks has a few built-in Process Flow templates. You will play with the Tank Certification flow, a good representation of the type of Process Flow models you typically build using FloWorks.