RailWorks Basics Tutorial

RailWorks Basics

This tutorial will teach you some of the basics of RailWorks. When you have completed all the tasks, you will have used the basic RailWorks objects such as Rail, Rail Control Point, Station and how to use RailWorks processflow activities.

In this tutorial we will focus on common situations for using a train, for example: coupling a locomotive on a wagon and traveling to its destination; materials and people transportation; unloading or disembarking at a station; and integrating FlexSim objects in the flow. All the basic exercises were thought of in simplified cases, but complete enough to use in various situations.

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 1.1

Wagon Coupling

In this task you will learn how to create a railway network, create a locomotive, make a simple trip, use RailControlPoint and couple a wagon. This exercise will introduce the basic rules for creating a model with RailWorks and its flow.

Task 1.2

Material Transporting

In this task you will learn how to transport materials between two stations, loading the material in one and unloading in the other, with this you will understand the interactions of Rail Control Point with other objects.

Task 1.3

Transport of flow items by a train

In this task a station will receive items from various trains, store and process the items. This model demonstrates how RailWorks objects interact with FlexSim objects, for example Queue and Processors.

Task 1.4

Metro simulation

The final task of this tutorial is to simulate the operation of a subway. The model has two subway stations, one receives people from outside the subway and another receives people by train.