Tutorial 4 - Experimenter

This tutorial introduces the Experimenter found in FlexSim. This tool each help to answer the "what-if" questions for a model:

  • What if the milling station were placed differently?
  • What if more people were hired for a given shift?
  • What if the order of these processes was changed?

The Experimenter allows you to try many different versions of your model and evaluate the performance of each one. The Experimenter does this using Jobs. You can configure two kinds of Jobs: an Experiment Job and an Optimization Job. In an Experiment Job, you'll specify the parameter values you'd like to try in your model. In an Optimization Job, you'll specify a goal, and allow the optimization to generate parameter values, searching for the best scenario. They are both very powerful ways to learn about and improve your system.

Tasks Covered

This tutorial will cover the following tasks:

Task 4.1

Experiment Job

In this tutorial task, you'll learn how to use an Experiment Job.

Task 4.2

Optimization Job

In this tutorial task, you'll learn how to use an Optimization Job.

For More Information

For more in-depth explanations of the concepts covered in these tutorials see: