Quick Start

You can learn how to use FlexSim using the method that best matches your preferred learning style:


For a hands-on introduction to the software, consider completing some of the Tutorials in the User Manual. Be aware that if you are using the trial version of the software, you might not be able to complete all the tutorials.

Training and Customer Support

For one-on-one help using the software, consider taking a FlexSim class or contacting FlexSim Customer Support. See Training Classes and Customer Support for more information.

The User Manual

The chapters in this manual cover each of the main tasks that are involved in building a simulation model. The chapters are roughly organized in the same order you would normally complete these tasks while building a model. Each chapter also contains an overview or set of key concepts that will teach you the basic principles of model-building. Consider browsing through the topics to get a general sense of the important concepts and key tasks that are involved in simulation modeling.