Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Release Notes and History

RailWorks Release Notes and History

The following is a list of features and fixes that have been included in the latest RailWorks releases.

RailWorks 21.2.0

  • Release for FlexSim 2021 Update 2
  • Feature: Added a new routing algorithm option, focused on preventing train collisions (Requires Python installed).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the model limit.

RailWorks 21.1.0

  • Release for FlexSim 2021 Update 1
  • Feature: Added trigger - onCreate - to the SourceTrain object.
  • Feature: Added triggers - onEntry, onExit - to the Rail object.
  • Feature: Added triggers - onFuel, onLoad, onUnload - to the Station object.
  • Feature: Added triggers - onLoad, onUnload - to the Crane object.
  • Feature: Added trigger - onArrival - to the RailControlPoint object.
  • Feature: Added tank wagon 3D Model option to the Wagon Object.
  • Feature: Added custom dashboards to the module.
  • Feature: Added auto-connect to SourceTrain to connect with the nearest ConnectPoint.
  • Feature: Added the possibility to keep the FlowItems or create new ones when loading and unloading.
  • Feature: Added the possibility to load FlowItems fractionally or discretely.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bugs on train movement.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug on entry of task executer as flow item in Station.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the RailControlPoint.
  • Refactor: Changed functionality of Rail's Connect Points.
  • Style: Changed RailSystem model.
  • Style: Added a new model to the Wagon Object: Gas Tank Wagon.